NGE: Next Generation Economics

NGE is a network for young economists that offers a forum for discussion and development of research projects at University of Hohenheim and University of Tübingen. For our upcoming monthly seminar series, we have gathered a fine line up to discuss research that is likely to shape future debates. We provide doctoral students and post-docs the opportunity to talk to our guests about research projects during office hours. Slots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested, please register following the doodle survey links below.


Upcoming presentations summer 2019

Apr 3, 2019
noon to 1 pm
HS 14 Hohenheim
Anne Brockmeyer [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(World Bank) [display/hide abstract]
Taxation, information, and withholding: evidence from Costa Rica
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Jun 3, 2019
HS 24 Hohenheim
Anthony Strittmatter [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(University of St. Gallen) [display/hide abstract]
What Is the Value Added by Using Causal Machine Learning Methods in a Welfare Experiment Evaluation?
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Jul 4, 2019
HS G-C01 Hohenheim
Andreas Fuchs [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg and IfW Kiel) [display/hide abstract]
Connective Financing: Chinese Infrastructure Projects and the Diffusion of Economic Activity in Developing Countries
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Upcoming presentations winter 2018

Nov 7, 2018
noon to 2 pm
HS 14 Hohenheim
Jens Ruhose [office hours][early dinner]
(University of Hannover) [display/hide abstract]
International Emigrant Selection on Occupational Skills
[Latest Version]

Nov 12, 2018
noon to 2 pm
HS 14 Hohenheim
Arash Nekoei [office hours][late lunch]
(IIES, Stockholm University)
An Open Elite? A Historical and International Perspective

Nov 14, 2018
noon to 2 pm
HS 14 Hohenheim
Martin Halla [office hours][dinner][lunch]
(University of Linz) [display/hide abstract]
The Effect of Superstition on Health Outcomes: Evidence from the Taiwanese Ghost Month

Dec 13, 2018
31/115 Hohenheim

NGE Members' Meeting

Jan 08, 2018
5 to 7 pm
HS 33 Hohenheim
Iris Kesternich [office hours][lunch]
(University of Leuven) [display/hide abstract]
Work Meaning, Labor Supply, and Unemployment

Past presentations summer 2018

Apr 26, 2018
noon to 1.30 pm
HS 36 Hohenheim
Hannes Schwandt [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(University of Zurich) [display/hide abstract]
Unlucky Cohorts: Earnings, Income, and Mortality Effects from Entering the Labor Market in a Recession [Latest Version]

May 03, 2018
noon to 1.30 pm
HS 36 Hohenheim
Zohal Hessami [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(University of Konstanz) [display/hide abstract]
Women in parliament and policy choices: Evidence from open-list elections

Jun 07, 2018
4 to 6 pm
GMS Uni Tübingen
Konstantin Wacker [office hours][dinner Hohenheim][dinner Tübingen]
(University of Mainz) [display/hide abstract]
Convergence in unit values, export quality ladders, and development

Jul 12, 2018
4 to 6 pm
GMS Uni Tübingen
Nora Szech [office hours][lunch]
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) [display/hide abstract]
A Little Good is Good Enough: Ethical Consumption, Cheap Excuses, and Moral Self-Licensing (joint with Jannis Engel)

Past presentations winter 2017

Oct 24, 2017
4 to 6 pm
HS 33 Hohenheim
Thomas Jørgensen [office hours]
(University College London, University of Copenhagen) [display/hide abstract]
Imperfect Information about Permanent Income and the Consumption Response to Income Shocks

Nov 28, 2017
4 to 6 pm
GMS Uni Tübingen
Melanie Lührmann [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(Royal Holloway, University of London) [display/hide abstract]
Long-run Health and Mortality Effects of Exposure to Universal Health Care at Birth (joint with Tanya Wilson)

Dec 12, 2017
4 to 6 pm
GMS Uni Tübingen
Hanna Hottenrott [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(Technische Universität München) [display/hide abstract]
The lives of the others: spillovers from subsidized R&D and the productivity of non-subsidized firms

Dec 20, 2017
31/115 Hohenheim

NGE Members' Meeting

Jan 16, 2018
4 to 6 pm
HS 34 Hohenheim
Jan Stuhler [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) [display/hide abstract]
The Dynamic Response of Municipal Fiscal Budgets to Revenue Shocks

Jan 24, 2018
noon to 1 pm
HS 14 Hohenheim
Mario Pagliero [office hours][lunch][dinner]
(University of Turin) [display/hide abstract]
Occupational Licensing, Labor Mobility, and the Unfairness of Entry Standards

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The NGE network gratefully acknowledges funding provided by the University of Hohenheim, in particular we thank Julia Kettelhack and Irena Rathgeb for their support, and the University of Tübingen. Furthermore, we are very grateful to all collaborating institutions for their hosting of NGE activities.